New City, New Blog

Well, the title was obvious, wasn’t it?   Blog-wise, it’s perfect that I’m going from Chinggis Khan and Mongolia, to Chinggis Khan’s grandson, whose capital was Beijing  (Xanadu, of Coleridge fame, was his summer castle, apparently).  I don’t think I’ll be seeing many stately pleasure domes there!  Or sacred rivers, for that matter. Though I did live about a mile from the sacred river in UB,  which was lovely, but all of 2 feet deep, and disappearing pretty rapidly, for various reasons.

I will be seeing lots of pollution if this is anything to go by.  I already bought a face mask, especially since I’m hoping to live close enough to the school to walk or bike every day, but who wants to walk when the air is thicker than mud?

So, I’m semi-excited about Beijing (though check this out. Doesn’t that sound like a fab place?) Very excited about the school, though.  WAB is one of the top international schools in the world, and it’s very gratifying that they called me, not the other way around!  Best yet, Addison’s coming this time, so I’ll have my best buddy there.